MVX - flexible shaft internal concrete vibrators

MVX - flexible shaft internal concrete vibrators are a compact solution for concrete compaction. The light-weight portbale drive unit, flexible shaft and poker head form a complete carefully matched system.

With flexible shaft lengths of 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 3000 mm and 5000 mm, combined with poker heads available measuring 30 mm, 38 mm or 48 mm in diameter, it is possible to assemble a system that will meet any of the prevailing on site requirements.

The drive unit is connected directly 230 V AC supply. Using the pedulum principle, 3000 revolutions (rpm) of the drive unit translates via flexible shaft into 12,000 vibrations per minute in the poker head. The low output speed ensures high operational reliability and extended periods of production.

A motor protection switch is provided to protect the drive unit against overloading.

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