Plancha reversible CR 4i

Centrifugal-force: 40 kN   -   Working width: 55 (70) cm   -   Weight: 281 kg

CR 4i - Reversible soil compactors - powerful basis

This premium-quality soil compactor is the perfecr choice when it comes to both
compacting nearly all types of material used in road building applications and
vibrating paving stones.


Advantages of the CR 4i:

  • All maintenance elements are within easy reach.
  • Motor protection frame as a standard feature.
  • Quick and safe loading of the machine thanks to a
    large lifting eye.
  • Height-adjustable manual guide bar and low-vibration
    handle bar.
  • Working width can be adjusted by means of
    extension plates.

Available optional extras:
Extension plates, polyurethene pad

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