CF 1 PRO Forward Plate


Compact and rugged!

The CF 1 PRO  is the smallest PRO model vibratory forward plate compactors of the Weber MT product line. The well-devised design concept developed through intensive measuring and testing methods, combined with excellent operating and vibrating characteristics ensure high performance in a small package.
The CF 1 PRO  is used in walkway construction and landscape applications for compaction of sand/gravel, no-slump concrete and insulating materials.
The optional polyurethane pad and the water sprinkler system allow for the optimum compaction of block and asphalt pavements.

A low-vibration guide bar reduces hand/arm vibration and thus ensures maximum operating comfort.

The lifting eye and side grips ensure easy handling.
A folding guide bar allows for easy transport even in the trunk of a car.

Optional extras:
Wheel kit , water sprinkler system with 12 l tank (photo).
Polyurethene pad.

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