CR 6 Hatz Reversible

Versatile - Ideal for block pavements or trenches

The CR 6 Hatz is disinguished by its superior performance: an impact power of 11,250 lbs., operating weight of 905-910 lbs. and a flexible 24" working width.  Low hand-arm-vibrations ensure optimal comfort.
For trench work or block pavemants, or for general compaction tasks in road construction, civil engineering or the landscaping sector: the CR 6 Honda is always the right choise. Depending on soil conditions it achieves a compaction depth of up to 24 inches/60cm.

CR 6 H CCD and CR 6 H MSM are equipped with the new COMPATROL compaction control system thus providing the additional advantage of continuous compaction control and quality assurance of the compaction work performed.

The commitment to quality has also been designed into details: Hydraulic infinitely shifter for forward and reverse travel, closed v-belt guard, self adjusting centrifugal clutch, height-adjustable guide bar and a sturdy protection frame with engine cover are characteristics that indicate optimum operational safety.

The powerful 1 B 40 Hatz Diesel engine is equipped with a special "anti-noise package".

Available optional extras:
Polyurethene pad, extension plates


Video Compatrol

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