Customer Service

Our Customer Service Policy and Warranty

Weber MT designs customer service into their products and focuses on maintaining long-lasting relationships with its customers. Dealers know what they can expect.

1 Quality products—Weber MT offers the most durable products in the industry as proven by a warranty rate of under 1%—a fraction of the construction industry standard. This is backed by an industry leading full—and free—2-year warranty on all products, which can be extended to 3 or even 5 years. We design customer service into our products.

2 Warranty—Extended warranty (to 3 or 5 years)—Weber MT offers a comprehensive extended warranty program for its machines sold in North America which is unique in the industry. The streamlined warranty process gives our customers the following: Warranties processed within 3 business days after receipt of all documentation; the customer is notified immediately. No costly and time-consuming inspection of mailed-in parts is necessary. Credits associated with approved warranty applications will be issued within 1 week of acceptance. Selling the machine now or later? Warranty transfers fully to the new owner.

3 Technical support—Weber MT provides its customers, dealers and distributors with complete technical information, specifications, manuals and/or other pertinent information as soon as they need it. We also supply cost-saving service kits for our machines, and strive to source spare parts locally at a lower.